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Wilshere slammed for being “ungrateful” to Arsenal after snubbing new contract

Sunday Telegraph journalist, Sam Wallace, has hit out at Jack Wilshere as the midfielder refuses to sign a new deal with Arsenal.
Writing in his column on Sunday, Wallace wrote that Wilshere ‘should be grateful for Arsenal’s offer’ and that ‘there are many clubs that would have given up on him a long time ago.’
If you’re wondering what all this is about, it comes after Jack Wilshere admitted that he is no closer to signing a new deal despite the fact that his current contract expires in 16 weeks.
Back in December, Wenger said that Jack’s new deal would be sorted out before January.
Then January rolled around and he said it would be the end of the month. Then that came and went, as did February.
The problem, it seems, is that Arsenal are asking Jack to take a 20% paycut in his basic salary with incentives based around his game time making up the shortfall.
You can understand why the club would want to take this route. They have invested a lot in Jack’s salary over the years only to have to pay it out and get nothing in return.
You can also understand Jack’s frustration, to a degree. He’s 26 now, believes he is worth more than the £90k basic he is being offered and doesn’t have many big contract opportunities left unless he opts to go to China.
But Jack must also realise that Wallace is correct. Arsenal have stood by Jack when many others would have dumped his broken legs on the pavement.
Just last month Wenger urged Wilshere to sign the deal that was on the table but it seems like that is not an option any more.
“Things have changed since then,” Wilshere replied when asked about Wenger’s comments above a few days ago.
“All I can tell you is that we are no closer to sorting anything out.”
Wilshere has not spent a single day out injured this season, a rarity indeed, but surely even he realises that half a season without serious injury is not enough to convince anyone he should receive a massive pay rise after seven years in the treatment room.


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