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Unai Emery vows to keep the Arsenal supporters on board

Every Arsenal fan is excited about the appointment of Unai Emery and the positivity he has brought to our thoughts about next season, although he obviously has a long way to go to get a rapport with our famously fickle fans and has a tough task to keep everyone on board.
But today he met some fans and has made a statement telling us how important he thinks the supporters are in the life of our football club. “For me, it’s after I met with the staff, now I’m meeting with the supporters,” he told “Together, we can make things better and achieve success in the next years.
“For me, the club is like one table with four legs. All the legs are very important. One leg is the organisation, the second leg is the team and the players, the third is the media who broadcast our success all around the world, and the fourth is the supporters.
“The four legs are very important for the table and likewise for Arsenal. If you lose one leg, you break. I’ve used this metaphor many times to describe our relationship with the supporters.
“I am very excited for everything to do with this club, with the staff, the supporters and the players at training on Monday,” he added. “This event is all about the supporters and I want us to be together here because the supporters want to know all about me. I am here for them.”
We can only hope that he keeps to his word and does as much as he can to keep the fans onside and doesn’t keep us in the dark, which is what we have got used to in the Wenger years. We now want to see some top class arrivals in the squad and we want the deadwood shipped out. Let us get a really positive vibe going in the club before our opening match against Man City!

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