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New Arsenal signing, Bernd leno speaks up on Petr Cech.

The hot Goal-keeper signing for Arsenal this summer, Bernd Leno says that is 'crazy' to be playing alongside Petr Cech.

Bernd Leno has been talking actively about Petr Cech whom he will have to replace in order to play in the first team. Leno faced Petr Cech on his debut for Bayer Leverkusen when he was 19 year old and Cech was representing the Blues of  London, Chelsea.

Now, as his team-mate and senior player, Leno claims that he is going to find a lot to learn from Petr Cech and that he has to work quiet hard in order to play for the A team. Leno told Arsenal TV that after the game he played against Chelsea in 2011, Cech came upto him and said;

"It was a very good game for me and he was pleased for me"

Seven years later now as both of them are team-mates, Leno thinks its "crazy"

"Of course Petr has a lot of experience and played many games. I have a lot of experience too, but, he has much more, so I can learn from him. Petr has had a big career, he's won many trophies and is still a big goalkeeper and a big personality. But I have to look at myself, and work hard every day to be the first choice of the coach"

Undoubtedly, Leno is one of a talent, but will he able to play infront of Petr Cech next season?

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