Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Arsenal need to play Alexandre Lacazette before he rethinks his options

Arsenal mustn’t get too comfortable with starting Alexandre Lacazette on the bench. He’s far too good for this, and he knows it.

Alexandre Lacazette had a mixed first season in English football. He got off to a flying start, but then his formed fizzled out mid-season. When Arsenal signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, many expected him to suffer the consequences, but he actually looked a lot better with a partner.

Arsenal announced the appointment of Unai Emery this summer, filling in from the legendary Arsene Wenger. I expected to see a rebirth of Lacazette under him, but in fact, it’s been quite the opposite tale so far. He is yet to start a match, and this has resulted in a grand total of zero goals. Funnily enough, Aubameyang has yet to score too.

This says a lot about the partnership they have brewed already. Nobody expected it to be the case when the egos clashed, but they now appear to be inseparable. This is because their traits go hand in hand with one another.

They are both exploiters of space, however they choose to exploit space in their own individual ways. The Frenchman relies on his ability to find pockets in the box, ready for an early ball in. However, Aubameyng creates the space himself, courtesy of immense footballing IQ and the speed to run in behind defenders.

While it’s still early days, Lacazette is reportedly considering which options are best for his future. While he does seem happy in London, who knows what’s going on behind closed doors? If the fans are frustrated at his lack of game time, then I can only assume he feels the anger also.

If he continues to warm the bench for the Gunners, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see signs of discomfort from the striker. He is worth much more than that, and it’s hard to dispute the fact.

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