Sunday, 19 August 2018

German football board apologizing to Ozil

German Champion Oliver Bierhoff, Mesut Özil after the shock of the World Championships, said he had to face a scandal before the tournament, held with the participation of Turkish President Recep Erdogan.
Ozil, 29, is one of the top-ranked football players in Russia..
In the World Cup, Arsenal midfielder refused to comment on a controversial meeting to ask questions about his loyalty to Germany on the eve of Erdogan's finale.
Bierhoff is wrong to ensure that Ozil remains silent because the dispute has shadowed the German camp.
"We do not force players from the German national team to do anything, but we always tried to convince them when it comes to everything," German Bierhoff said, referring to the Die Welt newspaper on Thursday.
"We did not succeed with Mesut, and in that sense we had to think about playing with him." "
Both the Turkish roots, Ozil and Ilkay Gundogan, were fit for Erdogan's pictures in the preparations for the World Cup by fans in Germany.
Manchester City midfielder Gundogan presented his signature to a "club" with a signed club form.
Gundogan denied that the meeting was politically motivated, but Ozil refused to comment, and the only member of the 23-member squad allowed Germany to drop a media day at the World Cup camp.
Bierhoff says coach Joachim Loew should seriously leave Ozil for the final squad from Russia.
"The fact that Massoud and Ilio's photographs had taken place did not bother the commander, but the discussions continued, and I would try to deal with this issue further," Bierhoff acknowledged.
Ozil fell to Mexico and South Korea to win the final victory of Sweden after the defeat in the shock group stage.
Bierhoff says that silence in Résumé "When we did not present ourselves as a team, we did not always have the energy that was strong for us."
Ozil in 92 games to Germany may be one of the winners of the 2014 World Cup winning the last world championship.
On Tuesday, Loew confirmed that he would remain the head coach of Germany.
Bierhoff, a wealthy German public figure, said the whole campaign in Russia should be "collective responsibility."
"The 14-year-long success story should not be ignored, but it's clear that we have to experiment everything in a personal and structured way."
Birhoff says the German leadership has "played a gamble on credit" and knows that fans have "registered" away from the team. According to him, the leadership of the team receives a "very serious" alienation.
Birhoff says that Loew "corrects everything and re-regulates everything, including the style of play, and then what players need to ask for." "

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