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Official discussion: Does it really suit Arsenal to play from the back? I’m not so sure – Are you?

Ever since he arrived at Arsenal back in June, Unai Emery has been trying to drill our players in how to play from the back and to ‘press’ without the ball.

It is obviously a slow process teaching the players to conform as our ‘goals against’ column makes very clear having let in 8 goals already in our 4 League games.

But Shkodran Mustafi believes that the systen suits Arsenal, and they only have to persevere and it will all come together in the end. “It’s a process,” he said . “We have tried everything in pre-season but then when you make a mistake in pre-season it’s not that bad. In the Premier League you don’t want to make those mistakes, but you have to show your personality because we are a big football club with big players.

“We have to show the personality that we can play from the back because that’s our football and that’s how it suits us to play. We just have to keep working on that. Hopefully in a few games we’re going to look a bit more comfortable.”

As always Arsenal fans are being told to be patient, and we have been lucky that we have scored more than our opponents in the last two games, but how much longer will be patient if our strikers have an off day but we still let in two silly goals?

Or how long before Emery realises that he just doesn’t have the right defenders to follow his instructions?


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