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The Ramsey saga just proves that Arsenal are no longer a ‘Big Club’

The news that the Arsenal talks have broken down with Aaron Ramsey have been met with relief by some gooners, arguing he’s overrated and not good enough for our starting line up anyway.
Which reminds me of rubbishing your relationship, only after you realised they were about to leave you anyway.

We have once again allowed a star name to run down his contract, making us look weak both on and off the pitch.

While we continue to be one of the world’s best at making money, a top club does not frequently fail to extend deals like we do. Some view his injury record as reason not to justify the salary he wants, it’s believed the board are the ones who have pulled out on an agreement.

It’s a shame Stan Kroenke doesn’t think of value for money when setting the prices for tickets and merchandise. Only when reinvesting does our owner proceed with caution. The American will no doubt enjoy hearing that several of you feel we have ready made replacements in the squad, giving licence to not just slash the wage bill but get away without replacing the Welshmen. No man has benefited from gunners cheering change for the sake of it more then the man who will soon have sole control over us. He no longer spends 8 million a year on a manager, choosing not to recruit a marquee name. Instead he set the criteria for someone who would accept a limited transfer kitty.

So disillusioned are the supporters he’s meant to serve, that 6 consecutive victories have led some to believe that we are good enough to wash our hands of Ramsey and Ozil. In reality Uni Emery has lost against two superior sides and beat the ones he should have, none of them in a convincing fashion.

Arguing that Rambo is deadwood only makes excuses for our lack of ambition.

This isn’t a Theo Walcott, someone leaving because his career became stagnant. This is a midfielder who will make one of our title rivals stronger , on a free he will be a bargain for someone.

Meanwhile the player himself will get the wages he wants plus a signing on fee. So the only losers in this situation are Arsenal.

At the Emirates since a teenager, we are letting a future captain walk away for free. He’s not a South American youngster, where dreams of going to Spain are natural. As a British player, he would have grown up viewing Arsenal as one of the biggest institutions, and to believe it an honour to wear the red and white.

Now he’s the latest to learn we are no longer a big club.



  1. We i is difficult but leaving him is good option arsenal club

  2. Well it's difficult but leaving him I think is good option for arsenal club. He is over ratd but he is not that a fine player many a time he delays our chances. Yes he had been in arsenal since a teenager but recently he is not that good challenge for big. Arsenal is big enough for taking things for grant.


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