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Another Fantastic win today, but Arsenal need to keep calm and prepare for Man United.

It was a massive win for Arsenal today, and they (and us!) have every right to celebrate their socks off! But the fact is that we are only above Tottenham on goal difference, and we are only in the Top Four on goal difference, so we may have won today’s battle but we are a long way from winning the war.

We need to keep our concentration for Wednesday when we travel north for the Battle of Old Trafford, with another three points at stake. As Emery himself said after the game when asked if this win was his best day: “My best day was when I signed here!” he replied. “My English is improving from my first day to today. Now I am thinking about the match on Wednesday in Manchester.

“This is a very big victory, we showed our supporters and we give them this victory because it’s a very special match against Tottenham. For us it’s the same – special, but above all it’s three points, like last week against Bournemouth, and like Wednesday in Manchester. Now we are happy, we are enjoying it, but short. Why? Because Tottenham lost today but they are on the same points as us in the table.

We also need to continue in our way, in our process, and for our confidence it was a very big match. But don’t forget that they beat Chelsea last week in a very big match and today they are close with us.

Wednesday is a good example for us, we need to think about Manchester on Wednesday.

“We know it’s very difficult in Manchester, in history and in present. We are going to prepare the best possible way to have the best performance against them. We know it will be difficult, it’s a big challenge for us and we want to have a lot of challenges like that.”

So the message is clear. Don’t celebrate too long, as there is always the next battle to come right until the end of the season.
19 games unbeaten. Let’s make it 20 on Wednesday!


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