Monday, 4 February 2019

Be rational please, Arsenal are still well on course for a Top Four slot

I can never understand the pessimism of Arsenal fans, they are eternal and believe we will lose every game, and even when we win it is not good enough. We lost yesterday at Manchester City and suddenly we are rubbish and the manager knows absolutely nothing about playing football. Come on. Get a grip.

Did you know that Pep Guardiola’s Man City side had gone TWO YEARS with just one defeat at the Etihad, before that freak result against Crystal Palace a few weeks ago? Why would anyone believe that an injury-ravaged Arsenal side could overcome those odds? Especially in a period of massive upheaval and with no fit defenders to speak of. Can we have some rationality in our thinking please?

Okay so we have dropped down to sixth since this weeks results, but we are playing bottom of the table Huddersfield next week. Could we be a little positive for that game?

Next week we will see Chelsea face City in Manchester, then during the rest of the month we have Man United play Liverpool and Chelsea at home to Tottenham. Meanwhile, after the game at Huddersfield we have two home games on the trot against Southampton and Bournemouth. If those games don’t ensure we are back in the Top Four race I will finally give up on being an optimist okay?

But I’m not going to be upset about a loss at Man City, and I revel in the fact that we have already played City, Liverpool and Chelsea twice already and won’t have to face them again until next season.

Surely we have some reasons to be positive?

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