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Emery words on the game

Emery on the defeat: "They showed their superiority in 90 minutes. They held their level in 90 minutes & our level in the second half was worse than the first. Our challenge now is the next week, continue to work & improve, & think how we can work & be better"

Emery: "We want to do things in our way to achieve our targets. But to do that we need time & to be patient sometimes. Last week we were close with Man United & Chelsea, fighting for the position in the top 4. Today we lost & now we're three & two points behind them"

Emery: "We have some young players who are playing their first year in the Premier League & they can improve a lot. I’m very happy with Guendouzi & Torreira’s performances today, but they also need time to improve and to take confidence, to take experience for their future here"


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