Sunday, 11 February 2018

The reasons why Arsenal lost to Spurs

Hello fellow Gunners out there.
I know you are as frustrated and as angry as I am with the loss to the Spuds. Looking at the team fielded by the manager though, it is easy to understand why we had no chance to win this game. In my view, the team fielded by the manager had two main deficiencies, which I will discuss briefly here:

1) Lack of proper wingers. Those of you that watched the game will agree with me that the team lacked the width to stretch the field of play. For a start, Arsenal fielded a back four. What this meant was that Monreal and Bellerin were deployed as left back and right back respectively rather than wing backs. Neither of Ozil or Mkhi either side of Aubameyang could function as real wingers. Both are more comfortable playing as creative attacking midfielders, the so-called no 10 than as wingers. In modern football, wingers are supposed to track back to help the full backs. Neither of the two players is adept at that. From the way Arsene set up the team, it looked pretty obvious that his intention was clearly to tighten the back and hit the Spuds on the counter. This could however not work when the full backs had to defend and at the same time attack, without wingers to track back and assist them in defending. That obviously left the two centre backs exposed. Remember the goal came from a foul committed on the right flank?

2) The second deficiency was fielding Elneny and Xhaka as the duo pivot in the midfield. The problem with this combination is two-fold: a) None of the two is a natural ball winner. b) Both are quite slow and could not cover enough ground to cover the back four.
For the record, I have supported Arsenal and Arsene for 22 good years now. For me though, it has now become increasingly clear that Arsene’s time at Arsenal is well and truly up. I have nothing but tremendous respect for the man, but there comes a time in life that one has to let go. The time for Arsene to let go is now.
Cheers Gunners.


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