Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster says he feels sorry for Petr Cech following the veteran’s shaky start to the season.

Cardiff scored their opening two goals of the season in the 3-2 defeat to Arsenal, but it was Cech’s inability to be comfortable with the ball at his feet which has Arsenal fans worried.

Cech gave the ball away in treacherous situations and Arsenal were fortunate that the Bluebirds were wasteful in front of goal.

And Watford shot-stopper Foster has sympathy with the former Chelsea No. 1.

“You’re not just expected to make saves nowadays,” he told BBC Radio 5 live (via
Star).”You’ve got to be that Ederson or Alisson type of goalie where you’re super comfortable with the ball at your feet.

“For a lot of goalies, it’s not an easy thing to do you know.

“You’re probably going to be talking about the Arsenal game at the weekend, and I watched a bit of it.

“Petr Cech has been probably one of the best goalkeepers the Premier League has ever seen but it’s not his game.

Petr Cech has struggled with the ball at his feet
“I feel sorry for him because it’s not his style of football.”

“He’s progressing,” he said. “He has experience and he is intelligent and he is doing what we want to do to win with our jobs and work on the pitch.

“It’s very important for me to continue doing this and improving.

“If you play every time long balls, you lose possession and momentum.

“We take risks in moments of the match, but when you break their pressing on the pitch you can find space for attacking the opposition.”

Cech could start when Arsenal take on Newcastle next Saturday at St James’ Park.


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